Core Area 1: Operational Issues

a) An understanding of the constraints and benefits of different technologies

In this section I will describe the technology strategies adopted by the University of Edinburgh for the management and distribution of open educational resources, reflecting on their success and how they have influenced other institutions both within the UK and internationally.

b) Technical knowledge and ability in the use of learning technology

In this section I will focus on the use of WordPress and WordPress SPLOT themes to facilitate teaching, learning and the dissemination of open practice in a range of different contexts including Higher Education and community networks.

c) Supporting the deployment of learning technologies

In this section I reflect on my experience of supporting colleagues to use professional blogs to develop their authentic academic voices, disseminate their academic practice and curate their own professional portfolios.

Screen cap of femedtech tweet

A tweet from our PressEd Conference talk about using WordPress SPLOTs to support the femedtech Open Space,