Contextual Statement

The video above provides a short biography and career summary and highlights some of the initiatives I’ve contributed to during the twenty years I have worked  as a learning technologist.

I am submitting this Portfolio as part of the University of Edinburgh’s CMALT Portfolio Scheme which provides funding and support for professional development for learning technologists.  I was delighted to have the opportunity to  join this scheme as I have been interested in applying for CMALT for some time now but found it difficult to do this while I was working very short fixed term contracts.  I’ve written two blog posts reflecting on this here:  Thoughts on ALT’s CPD Rebooted and “What do you do?” – Starting out on CMALT.

As I work in the domain of open education, and consider myself to be an open education practitioner, I’ve decided to practice what I preach and build my portfolio here on my reflective blog, Open World. This blog also hosts my CV, publications, talks and presentations (linked below and in the navigation bar above).   Developing my portfolio in the open has proved to be a really interesting process that has given me a welcome opportunity to reflect on my role as a learning technologist within the University of Edinburgh and also as part of the wider open education community.

Many thanks to Phil Barker, Susan Greig and the #CMALT community on twitter for providing feedback, advice and guidance while I was writing this portfolio.