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Open Scotland

For six years, between 2007 and 2013, I maintained a professional blog with Cetis, which you can find here. http://blogs.cetis.org.uk/lmc/

Highlights include:

Open Scotland http://blogs.cetis.org.uk/lmc/tag/openscot/

UKOER http://blogs.cetis.org.uk/lmc/tag/ukoer/

Into the Wild – The UKOER Booksprint: http://blogs.cetis.org.uk/lmc/tag/booksprint/

OER13 Conference: http://blogs.cetis.org.uk/lmc/tag/oer13/

The Learning Registry: http://blogs.cetis.org.uk/lmc/category/learning-registry/

And last but not least……

The Dawn of Eduprog: http://blogs.cetis.org.uk/lmc/2008/11/27/the-dawn-of-eduprog/

The Dawn of Eduprog

The Dawn of Eduprog

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