I have over twenty years experience working in education technology and interoperability standards, with a specific focus on open education.  I currently work for as Senior Service Manager – Learning Technology within Education Design and Engagement at the University of Edinburgh. For many years I worked as Assistant Director of the Centre for Education Technology, Interoperability and Standards (CETIS), and in 2015 became a founding partner of CETIS LLP. I am a Trustee of both Wikipedia UK and the Association for Learning Technology, and a Certified Member of ALT (CMALT).

CC-BY-SA-4.0, Mike Peel, Wikimedia Commons

My main areas of expertise include digital infrastructure for open educational resources, open education policy, open licences, technologies for supporting the management and distribution of educational content and multimedia, metadata, vocabularies, and digital repositories. I’m an experienced project manager and in the past I have been responsible for coordinating and delivering technical support for a wide range of national programmes  including the UKOER programme.

My current areas of interest and activity include strategies for embedding and supporting open education and OER within the institution, and open education policy for Scotland.  I lead the Open Scotland initiative, and I am a member of the Advisory Group of the Open Knowledge Open Education Working Group. Together with Melissa Highton I co-chaired the OER16 Open Culture Conference at the University of Edinburgh.

I regularly speak at academic conferences and workshops and often get “volunteered” to chair and facilitate events.  I’m an active and enthusiastic user of social media and I maintain a number of blogs, including Open World which I use to connect with the community and disseminate education technology news and innovation.  I often live tweet conferences and events and help to run the social media channel for the ALT Annual Conference. I also write and publish through more traditional channels including policy documents, briefing papers, synthesis reports, peer reviewed journal papers and book chapters.

CC BY City of Glasgow College

In the past I’ve  represented  UK F/HE on a number of standards bodies including the British Standards Institute, IMS Global, and CEN / ISSS Learning Technologies Workshop.  I worked with Creative Commons, the Association of Education Publishers and the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative on the Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI), and in 2016 I was part of the team that developed the new Higher Education Coding of Subjects (HECoS) vocabulary as part of the Higher Education Data and Information Improvement Project (HEDIIP).

I have an academic background in Archaeology, a domain I worked in for a number of years. In my “spare time” I am undertaking a naval history research project and am the co-author of a book on the lives and careers of the 1797 crew of HMS Indefatigable, published by Boydell & Brewer.  I am Chair of the Society for Nautical Research Publications Committee and member of Council, an active twitterstorian and, when time allows, I contribute to academic history conferences and seminar series.